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"Everybody has that earth-shattering, that end of the world, ‘fuck that,’ heart break."
- Tegan Quin (via alljazzedout)

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"Sara WEPT"

Tegan: We played our very first show on our first tour here in Texas. And it sucked.

Sara: I know. And that night, my mom picked us up, and my girlfriend came over, and we went in my room, and we got into my bed… and I WEPT.

Tegan: You WHAT?

Sara: I wept.

Tegan: OH, you cried. The way you described it, it sounded like ‘……We fucked’ I was like ‘Why are you telling them this story??’

Sara: NO NO NO!!!

Tegan: It sounded like this (Mocking sara) We went to my moms house and we got in my bed and we fucked.

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